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Web Services

Web Services is the next stage of evolution for e-business -- the result of viewing systems from a perspective that everything is a service, dynamically discovered and orchestrated, using messaging on the network. In the Web Services architecture, each component is regarded as a service, encapsulating behavior and providing the behavior through an API available for invocation over a network. This is the logical evolution of object-oriented techniques (encapsulation, messaging, dynamic binding, and reflection) to e-business. 

KMT Consultants provides consulting services to organizations to help formulate a strategy that leverages the Web Services architecture based on a well-defined ROI. 

KMT Consultants has established a competency center to excel in building Web Services architecture based applications using Microsoft's .NET framework. We have expertise in C#, Common Language Runtime, VB.NET, ASP.NET, COM/COM+, SOAP and .NET Enterprise servers such as BizTalk.

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